Make In India: Make in India Week, Mumbai 2016


A global event draws the world’s decision-makers, and large-scale investment to India.

Make In India: Make in India Week, Mumbai 2016

We realized how important it was at this juncture to showcase the people, policies and partnerships driving India’s manufacturing revolution. How better to do so than through a week-long event set against the vibrant backdrop of India’s commercial capital?

Make In India Week, held in February 2016, showcased the potential of design, innovation, and sustainability across India’s manufacturing sector and drew industry leaders, policy makers, academics and media from around the world. The event included a series of highly visible outreach initiatives in Mumbai, from six gigantic lions placed across the city and manufacturing-meets-art installations to billboards and a 2.5 million sq. ft. Make in India center, built from the ground up.

The official Make in India headquarters was an avant-garde statement in design, merging aesthetics of traditional craft with a futuristic vision. The iconic Make in India lions adorned the hall walls, representing each of India’s key focus sectors; and the nation’s proudest economic achievements were displayed all around the venue. The result: an impressive structure that distils India’s past, highlights its present capabilities, and envisions its promising future.

Make in India Week reflected the dynamism of a young, restless India, an untapped reservoir of entrepreneurial energy, and the strengths of India’s prime manufacturing sectors. The message to the world was loud and clear—you can’t afford to not Make in India.

The flagship Make in India Week was the largest manufacturing event India had ever seen. The Week garnered large-scale investment commitments from around the world, galvanizing the call to make India the world’s most preferred manufacturing destination.

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